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4th October 2004

fujhonny7:01am: WILMINGTON,NC AREA
This is jhonny ,i live at wilmington, nc i am looking for ppl that are going to the charlotte show this october 15th tix are 25 buck. so let me know if your going to that :)

12th April 2004

__lacking11:56pm: ;cause no one else did it

26th January 2004

thecrob8:28pm: annyone got any new, funny, innovative ideas for PB videos?

22nd January 2004

agentrufio8:33pm: you guys are fuckin gay
Current Mood: MAD
fatdrox6:24pm: holla :D

someone needs to make a spiffy layout for this.
capripants6:28pm: bahahah yeah
thecrob6:08pm: hey there pals
hows it goin? like the 2 new vids?
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